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You know those narcissists lovely folks who turn their birthdays into month-long celebrations? Well, sorry, but I am one of them! There’s just something so festive and nostalgic about birthdays. I’m sure my love for birthdays stems from my parents always making our birthdays a really big deal when we were little. Not in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kind of way — there were no magic unicorns at my sister and my birthday parties. But, there was always cake and lots of love and fun.



This year we are so lucky to be somewhat settled in a home, in a city where we have rekindled friendships with old friends, and made new friendships with some incredibly amazing people. So, it seems a party is in order. My birthday simply provides the excuse. I have been hunting for party inspiration and these photos of Kevin Sharkey’s housewarming party provide plenty.  And since our oven is broken, a towering cake of Oreo cookies is just what the revelers ordered. From the sparkler candles to the black and white theme to the hot pink lipstick to keep score of table tennis matches, I love it all. You too? I’d love to know where do you find party inspiration? And how do you like to celebrate your birthday?

[Photos via Martha Stewart]




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