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Hello 2017! Are you ready for a fresh start? Despite realizing that 2016 wasn’t such a jerk after all, I am ready to start fresh. How about you? Have any resolutions? Here are 5 changes I’ll be making for a better year…

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Audrey Hepburn Style: Love these sparkly heels + swan bag. #kellygolightly #katespade #jcrew #swanbag

  1. Less phone time.  Endlessly scrolling through Instagram is literally hurting my brain and wasting my life and I’m embarrassed to admit it’s become an addiction. I also loathe texting. As an introvert, it literally feels like an invasion. Remember when you only had a home phone and you either answered it or someone left a message and you decided when you wanted to call them back? No? I hate you because you’re so young!  I kid. But the happiest we’ve ever been is on a few trips where we didn’t have access to the Internet. I’m not sure how we’ll implement this yet (we’ve tried the no-phone-in-the-bedroom thing before), but change is a coming. I tend to be all or nothing and a HUGE part of me wants to say I’m done with it altogether, not have a cell phone, and see what happens. BUT then there’s the part of me where my entire livelihood relies on it. Stay tuned to see what happens…

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2. Cook More. Every meal we eat is home-cooked. That’s a HUGE shift from, well, ever. And that’s all because of this. It’s a necessity. But poor Fred Baby is the one doing all the cooking. It started because I never had the energy to. I was barely able to just function. And then when I did actually have the energy to, I spent it working (which I truly love) and catching up on things I’d not been able to do because I wasn’t feeling well. But guess what? If I have time to mindlessly scroll through Instagram for hours a day, I have time to make a meal. In my mind, we’re Jeffrey and Ina. Except right now, poor Fred Baby is both Jeffrey AND Ina. He deserves so much more, so prepare to be Ina’d — albeit with no butter, flour or dairy. 😉

Love these sparkly heels + swan bag. #kellygolightly #katespade #jcrew #swanbag

3. Welcome Wellness. The truth is, I hate that health has to be my focus. Or rather, I feel like health has been my focus — we’ve literally turned our lives upside down over it. I’m frustrated that it hasn’t resulted in feeling consistently great. I don’t “cheat” when it comes to eating, I take my medicine and supplements, blah blah blah. But I’ll have a few good months where I’m totally normal, and then boom, a few bad months. Two steps forward, one step back. I realize how lucky I am though in that I have access to healthcare, medicine, the best support system. But the wave we’ve been riding is that when I feel well the last thing I want to do is go to doctors. And then when I crash, it’s extremely hard to do anything, especially go to the doctor. Anyway, wellness will continue to be my focus, and hopefully with better results. I have three doctors appointments this month. And I’ll be trying yoga and meditation as well.

Pretty Blue Coat. | Classic Audrey Hepburn-style for today. #audreyhepburn #audreystyle #kellygolightly #jcrew #katespade

4. Daily Walk. I know that I always feel better when I get out during the daytime and take a walk. Even just a quick 10-minute walk. I also know that if I wait until the sun goes down, which it does so early these days, that it totally bums me out. I need that Vitamin D!

Love this pretty blue J.Crew coat. \ Classic Audrey Hepburn-style for today. #audreyhepburn #audreystyle #kellygolightly #jcrew #katespade

5. Stop Beating Myself Up. There have been a lot of things I’ve not been able to do in the last year because of my health. And while that is a total bummer, it’s made worse when I completely beat myself up about it. I don’t do it intentionally, but every time I can’t make it to see family or friends, it feels like a huge failure, like I am letting people down. It always ends with me in tears. I would never treat a sick friend like that, so why am I doing that to myself? It doesn’t help anybody either. So I’m going to try to go easy on myself and remember it is what it is, and it’s always temporary.

Classic Audrey Hepburn-style for today. #audreyhepburn #audreystyle #kellygolightly #jcrew #katespade

Now enough about me…

Love this Kate Spade Swan bag! #kellygolightly #katespade #swan #swanbag #jcrew #bluecoat #jcrewcoat

Do you have any goals or resolutions for the year?

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I’d love to hear… Please share in the comments.

We’ve got this, together xo!


dress (similar) / coat / heels / bag


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