September 11th is always such a (insert word that doesn’t exist here) day. It’s filled with nostalgia, heartbreak, but most of all, it always feels like there’s a bit more room in the day. To reflect, to look back, to feel grateful for being here, to feel sorrow for those who aren’t and their loved ones who miss them dearly. It’s a reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised. And you never know what might happen – for better or worse.

While the worst thing imaginable happened on September 11th, I choose to focus on all the goodness that came after. The coming together of people. I think we are all yearning for that now.

There’s so much anxiety in the unknown, but that’s why it’s so important to reflect on what we have now. Right now. In this very second.

For instance, I am laying on the couch, Odee’s warm little body is snuggled up against me, with her head on my laptop, the gardeners are…gardening, and despite us not having any real grass to speak of, the smell of freshly mowed grass is magically wafting in the air.

It’s a gift to get to delight in these sweet little moments.

So on that note, here are 3 Heartwarming Things that made me smile.

Hope you enjoy and delight in the little moments today.

3 Heartwarming Things

  1. Travels with My Father. In this Netflix show, British comedian Jack Whitehall takes a belated gap year with his 76-year-old father to travel to southeast Asia. It’s funny and heartwarming all at once.

2. Surprise! This post on Cup of Jo made my day. Especially all of the lovely comments. So when’s the last time you were surprised or surprised someone?

3. Love, Rosie. I’m watching this charming movie on Amazon Prime as I type. Starring Lily Collins, it follows the life of Rosie and her best guy friend as they navigate the end of high school and the post-high school years.

Have you watched, read, or listened to anything lately that made you feel connected? I’d love to know xo.



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