Still searching for gift ideas for your favorite fellas? We’ve got a few ideas…




[1. Ray-Ban Caravan Sunglasses — because he’s your Brad Pitt $125 ; 2. John Derian Paperweight –because he loves that big juicy apple just as much as you do $30 (more here) ; 3. Paul Smith Mini Cooper Langar Hall Flight Bag —  because it’s the coolest bag ever and you can borrow it $328; 4. KOZ02 Desk Lamp — because you want to light up his life in the coolest way possible $199;   5. Take Ivy — because he’s a total prep and you love him for it $24.50]




[The Ex 5-Piece Knife Set with Limited Edition Chrome Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello — because you’re so kniving $99; 2. J.Crew Vintage Sweatshirt — because if he’s gonna wear sweats he might as well look his best doing it $50; 3. Kindle Wireless Reading Device — because he loves books and the latest gadgets $139; 4. Clarks Desert Boot Boots –because some day you’ll run off to the desert together (oh wait, you already did) $95]





[1. Alfred Hitchcock – The Masterpiece Collection —  because he’s the reason you majored in film in the first place $95;  2. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter — for your pizza-loving trekkie (it’s okay, we won’t tell) $25 ; 3. The Only GPS Ski Goggles — because they’re so rad and he’s a numbers kinda guy $499; 4. Hold Cookbook Holder — for the minimalist chef $34;  5. Banana Republic Merino striped exposed seam scarf – because he warms your soul and you want to warm his too $49.50]


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