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How do you organize your closet? Are you super Type A about it or more go with the flow? Since I work from my closet, a.k.a. The Cloffice, I’ve noticed that when my closet is organized, I’m calmer, less frazzled and can focus so much better. So when Sole Society reached out about collaborating on a closet organization post, I was in. Mostly because my closet had recently become a tornado and it was the kick in the pants I needed to heed my own advice. Plus, I’ve been a Sole Society fan since they first launched. Their shoes and bags have held up so well and the prices are so good, especially for the quality (everything in this post from SS is under $90!). Read on for my Top 10 Tips for Organizing Your Closet.

Closet Organization Tips with Kelly GolightlyCleaning Out My Closet: Closet Organization Tips + TricksCloset Organization Tips with Kelly Golightly


5 Tips on How To Organize Clothes:

1. Organize by category: First, I put all pants together, all dresses together, all skirts together, all tops together, all coats together.

2. Organize by day or evening wear: Second, I split up each category by day or evening. Day wear in one section, evening wear/fancy things I wear less often in another category. I put the things I wear less often, which for me is evening wear, towards the back of the closet, leaving what I wear most frequently at the front, within easy sight and reach.

3. Organize by color: Third, I organize those categories by color, from lightest to darkest (all white tops together, all pink tops together, all blue tops together, etc.).

4. Organize by sleeve length: Then, if you’re super Type A, you can then categorize by sleeve length. For instance, I put sleeveless green dresses first, then short-sleeve green dresses next, followed by long-sleeved green dresses.

5. Organize by hem length: Finally, if you’re Type A+, within that, I put the shortest hem-lengths first, longest hem-lengths last.

Love these blue suede booties + palm leaf bag!How To Organize Your Shoes with Kelly Golightly #dreamcloset #shoeclosetThese are the best hangers for saving space in your closet. See more closet organization tips on the blog!

5 More Tips & Tricks for an Organized Closet:


1. Have a separate rack (or a part at the front of your closet) where you can pull outfits for the week or the even just the next day.

2. I try to follow Marie Kondo’s advice and get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy. Your gut knows the answer instantly. If you never wear it, there’s a reason, and that normally doesn’t change as time goes by. And, I feel like the more open physical space (negative space) we have, the more mental clarity we have. Just like you feel better right after your house is cleaned.

3. Use all the same hangers. My favorites are the slim velvet hangers. I’m slowly replacing wooden ones with all velvet, so it’s uniform.

4. When organizing your shoes, place one shoe in one direction, and its counterpart in the opposite. It adds more space.

5. Finally, take inspiration from your favorite boutiques and curate your closet. If you have small tables and dressers in your room, style a bag or two on top of them (or even shoes). It creates a more boutique-like experience and reminds you of some of the pretty, new pieces you have.

How To Organize Your Closet with Kelly Golightly #dreamcloset #shoeclosetAdore these leopard print flats!Kelly Golightly's Closet p.s. Love these blue suede shoes!LOVE these blue suede mules!

That’s how I do it! Now, I’d love to know: Do you have any tips for organizing your closet?

Love these affordable leopard print shoes!

Let me know in the comments!


I’m wearing: Sole Society Katarina block heels c/o | Sail to Sable tunic c/o | Mott & Bow jeans c/o

Also pictured: Katarina block heels in taupe, leopard, ombre blue | River ankle booties in ink |Luella mules in cloud blue | Mick weekender duffel in pink palm print | Candice oversize travel tote in taupe  c/o Sole Society


Thank you to Sole Society for partnering on this post!

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