Happy Friday? I’m about to go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine we’ve been blessed with. But, before I do, I just wanted to pop in with 10 links to things I’m buying, trying, watching and listening to. Hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend xo!


10 Things I’m Watching, Listening To, Eyeing & Buying


1. My favorite vintage store in Palm Springs the world, The Fine Art of Design, just launched an online shop! And there’s a kaftan section. Of course I want this pink feathery romper.

2. We’ve been getting our FarmBox Direct deliveries and while I’ve been diligent about washing and scrubbing the produce when it arrives, I realized it would be a lot easier if I had an actual vegetable scrub brush. So I just ordered this cute white and pink scrub brush.

3. On that same note, I ordered two of these white and pink collapsible colanders to make this process easier.

4. Standing at the sink for long periods scrubbing lots of fruits and veggies — and doing more dishes than ever — has highlighted the need for a kitchen mat. Julia had shared these stylish kitchen mats so I’m trying to decide between the pink and the grey. Which would you get? You can see our kitchen here + here

5. I’ve been wanting to replace our plastic red hummingbird feeder that doesn’t match anything in our yard with a more stylish alternative. I just found and ordered this midcentury modern hummingbird feeder in aqua for a good price.

6. Did you ever see the movie The Big Sick? If not, you totally should. If you did, you’ll be happy to know that Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon have a new podcast called Staying In with Emily & Kumail. They’re adorable.

7. In celebration of Earth Day, my friend, artist Daniel Dugan, is offering tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and prints of the animals he’s drawn in one continuous line. A portion of the proceeds will go towards buying and delivering meals to hospitals and nursing home staff in LA. I scooped up two panda tshirts and one panda sweatshirt.

8. I keep hearing great things about Force Majeure, so plan on watching it this weekend. (Note: Some say it’s comedic, others say it’s depressing, so be warned.)

9. Also hearing good things about the show High Maintenance. Have you seen it? Update: Watched the first episode and it wasn’t for me. Put on the old 80s movie Three Men & A Baby Instead. 🙂

10. Finally, comedian Jimmy Carr has been hosting a short 10-question quiz show on his YouTube channel every day called The Little Tiny Quiz. He asks the questions everyday at 6pm and then shares the answers at 8pm. It’s a fun little silly something that Fred Baby and I do each evening, though I admittedly sometimes get very frustrated for not knowing the answers. #quarantinerage

p.s. I finished Little Fires Everywhere last night. Did you watch? WHOA.



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