Where Do You Want to Be Right Now?


I want to be in a spring meadow with a picnic blanket, Zac Efron, some cold lemonade and a journal (one of those may be a joke)… how about you? If you could be anywhere at all in the world today, where would you transport yourself to?

[Photo by kellygolightly; Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, CA]

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2 thoughts on “Where Do You Want to Be Right Now?

  1. Melissa Price

    This is a no brainer…Hawaii baby…make that Sunset beach…in front of my favorite cottage sipping on…gin and juice…er…pina coladas!

    I’m guessing the lemonade is a joke? Hmmmm…

  2. DG

    I’d like to be on my fave secret beach in Puerto Rico. Under a low tree on the lovely horseshoe shaped pale turquoise lagoon, slight breeze blowing, looking up at the soaring limestone cliffs with a 1620’s lighthouse on top. Warm pressed picnic sandwiches & homemade rum punch in hand. I think the journal sounds like the jokey part… who’d be able to write?


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