Whatever Happened to Project Runway's Jillian Lewis?

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It’s Project Runway Thursday which got me to thinking, Whatever happened to my favorite Project Runway designer of all time, Jillian Lewis? I fell for her perfectly tailored looks that were sophisticated and always a surprise, which should come as no surprise as she used to work at Ralph Lauren. Her Spring 2010 line is loaded with refined sparkle and glam, done in the chicest way possible. Don’t these images just make you want to grab a martini and be interrogated? Wait. What? Jillian Lewis can be found in LA at Curve, Revolve Clothing, Beige and Planet Blue and in New York at Curve and Beyond 7.  She also sells at Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, which makes me think (and hope) she’s doing very well. More info on her website here. Who is your favorite Project Runway designer? And have you been watching Austin and Santino’s new show? It’s quite sweet, isn’t it?

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One thought on “Whatever Happened to Project Runway's Jillian Lewis?

  1. Kate

    I like her stuff, but I have to say her models are some of the thinnest I have ever seen. Hint, if you can dress them in pen-caps, they are too thin! It actually makes it hard to imagine how these clothes would fit on real people, you know, people who way over 89 lbs.

    I thought some of the best stuff came from Santino. Does he have a line, or just a jolly TV show?


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