Vionnet Spring 2013

When the Vionnet spring 2013 lookbook popped into my inbox, I nearly plotzed. Filled with the prettiest prints in the most fluid fabrics and sensual silhouettes, I’m a girl who’s found new love.  Care to make it a ménage à trois?

See more below…

So digging that pant suit.

And never has plum looked so tasty.

Even the accessories are showstoppers.

I mean…

Summer 2012’s just gotten underway, but I suddenly can’t wait for spring 2013 to roll around. You too?

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2 thoughts on “Vionnet Spring 2013

  1. Nic

    OMG LOVEing the accessories… the tote in particular and the fact that you used the word plotzed 🙂


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