The Hangover


Darlings, I have a severe pizza and gelato (milkshake) hangover. I blame my friend Jenny of the Jesus Year Project (watch out Elizabeth Gilbert!), as she’s just jaunted off to Roma from Paree and obviously (subliminally) forced me to gorge myself on pizza (really, really good pizza) and gelato. While watching eight+ hours of 24 (that one I’ll blame the hubby for; and yes, I know I’m like so ten years behind). This just might be a work-from-bed kinda day.  How’s your day going xx?

[Photo via The Girl With a Feather]

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One thought on “The Hangover

  1. jenny

    muhahahaaaaaa so my plan worked! you know i loved 24, too, right? it’s like i’m inside your mind. the call is coming from within!!!!!!!!!


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