Style Idol: Kelly Wearstler

One of the best gifts I received this Christmas (from my darling, darling hubby)? Interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s new, delicious book Hue. It is beyond words. Gorgeous. I want to live in every space she creates. And I also want to live in every outfit she wears, including the fabulous frock she dons on the tome’s cover. So my eyes have been peeled. I was happier than Kelly Wearstler in crimped hair when I spotted this amazing Matthew Williamson dress on one of my favorite interior design blogs, Coco & Kelley (hmmm, I’m noticing a Kelly theme here). But $2500 for a dress can be a little daunting (think of how many cupcakes that could buy!). So when I spotted this fab alternative by Mark on the Glam Chic blog (thank you Nola Weinstein), I was over the moon. For less than $30, I can start making my fashion fantasies a reality. A very good start to the New Year indeed.

What was your favorite gift this holiday season?

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