Prints Charming: Liberty of London for Target

Target is the master of fab collabs and Liberty of London just may be their best yet.

If you’re into finding your prints charming, you’ll love seeing Liberty of London’s famous prints on everything from bedding to storage boxes, dresses to wellies and bikes.

While the fashion items are cute, we’re really loving the housewares.

After we shop, we’ll be ready to throw  a spring tea party in our garden (ooops, need to add garden to the shopping list).

Where to find Liberty of London and style for all?

Right here.

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One thought on “Prints Charming: Liberty of London for Target

  1. Leigha

    My discovery of your blog is dangerous for my checking account! I love the new Liberty prodcuts at Target. Just yesterday I found the cutest romper/nightie at Target by Liberty. Now I regret NOT buying it…


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