Pardon My French: Print Liberation Tees & Totes

Spotted these great tees and totes over at HeySusy* and fell in love.


Print Liberation 99 Cent Tshirt


For my Mom who loves a good dollar store…


Print Liberation: Bad Words Tote


For my Dad — all his favorite words in one spot (also the ultimate New Yorker tote, no?)…


Print Liberation Tshirt: Sorry I'm Late


For my sister who’s always late…


Print Liberation Tshirt: My Boss Is An Asshole


For me — I’m my own boss (harhar)…


Print Liberation: Don't Give Up print


For my darling almost 4-year-old niece who’s taking swimming lessons (and kicking booty!)…


Print Liberation Tote: The End


Enough said…


All available at Print Liberation.


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