Let’s Talk Whoodles

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While apartment-hunting this weekend, we knocked on our possible-future-neighbor’s door to say hi and ask a few questions. A sunshiney Brazilian girl answered and laying at her feet was the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on (other than my niece, of course): a Whoodle.

We were flabbergasted. It literally looked like Alfred come to life (you remember Alfred, right?). It turns out his name was Pisco, which means Wink in Portugese (how cute is that!?)… What in the world is a Whoodle?


whoodle dogs; whoodle puppies; whoodles


A Whoodle is a mix between a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. They should really call it a Swoodle because once you see one, you will swoon.

I’ve never really wanted a dog (in my adult life, that is). Until I met Pisco. I wish I had snapped a pic, but these give you an inkling of how insanely adorable he was. Those eyes! Pisco simply laid on the rug by the door, smiling with his eyes, but never barking. He seemed perfectly content and calm. And, if you believe everything you read on the Internet, it seems Whoodles do indeed have perfect personalities.

Have you ever seen a Whoodle? Do you now want one as much as I do? I am in love…


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Whoodles

  1. vicki

    Looking for red miniature poodle crossed w wheaten to yield miniature red woodle. I love the pic u posted of red fluffy pup above..I lost my 13 yr old wheaten yogi in nov…where can I find reputable breeder? Vicki

  2. Joan LaCroix

    Looking for a apricot or parti brown and white whoodle. Medium size 35 to 45 lbs. I lost my 11 1/2 in January.This was my 4th dog. i have anxiety and depression. I have been depressed worse since I Iost him.My legs acted up in pain. I need more of a therapy whoodle that is going to help me with love and compassion. i just turned 70 and My Casey was so behaved and watched over me. My heart is empty. Please contact me or if you know if someone.Thank you


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