Kelly's Klicks: 5 Picks, Desert Delights, A Chic Halloween


Right now I’m strolling the halls of MetalCon amongst big burly men, but soon I’ll be leaving Las Vegas for the pleasures of the desert that I’ve grown to love. Won’t you join me this Saturday?

Join Us in the Desert: Blue Sky Open House!


Rock Reach House Open House This Saturday!


Whether I see you there or sadly miss you this weekend, I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s highlights:

Kelly’s Picks: 5 Things I Love Right Now


Kate Spade's Niece designer Whitney Pozgay; Kate Spade gifts; Kate Spade short stories collection with strand bookstore; she is quick and curious and playful and strong


[Kate Spade short story collection with strand bookstore; WHIT (Kate Spade’s niece’s new line!); The Red Suitcase print by Virginia Kraljevic; Love Writer print by dekanimal; Horse pullover by Truly Madly Deeply]

It’s the last weekend before Halloween! Need quick costume and chic decorating ideas?

Cheap & Easy Halloween Costumes

DIY Louis Vuitton & McQueen Pumpkins

And be sure not to miss:

Chic Home Office Decorating Ideas

The Most Darling iPhone Covers Ever

EmersonMade’s New Pumpkin Patent Pumps…Oh My!

Pumpkins & Prada xx!






My Dalliance with the Desert
Kelly’s Picks: 5 Things I Love Right Now

One thought on “Kelly's Klicks: 5 Picks, Desert Delights, A Chic Halloween

  1. Charles

    Enjoy the drive from Las Vegas through the desert – and fuel up the car! I once drove it the other way and was almost out of gas when fortunately, there was a little town with a station. How do hey get their gas? How often does a tank truck come by? Maybe you find out.


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