In a Clutch: Help Style Me for QVC's Pre-Oscar Party!

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As I mentioned yesterday, in the company of some Kardashians, some Trumps and some Hiltons, this Friday I’ll be attending the pre-Oscars red carpet party at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, hosted by QVC (insert squeals here). And while I’m giddy as a gumdrop to play Cinderella for a night, the question of what to wear is at the forefront of my cranium. The good news is that the dress is taken care of, thanks to darling designer Lisa Felsenthal of LisaMichelle Collection, who will be loaning me this perfect coat dress I swooned over at the GRAMMYS Style Studio (yes, the one I said J.Lo should wear!). The shoes will look something like this and the jewels will either be diamonds and/or a large statement necklace, with a cute cocktail ring in the shape of a bow for good measure. Which brings us to the bag. While I always prefer to be hands-free, I think a clutch is in order for the occasion. These are some that I’m considering, but I adore your input! Which clutch gets your vote, my dears? Please comment below!

1. Jessica McClintock Pleated Clutch

2. Lulu Townsend Glitter Box Clutch

3. Carlos Fellini Emily Clutch

4. Kate Spade Emma Clutch

5. Halston Heritage Jenny Clutch

6. Martine Wester Sanctuary Framed Clutch


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11 thoughts on “In a Clutch: Help Style Me for QVC's Pre-Oscar Party!

  1. Somerleigh

    #3. It won’t blend in to the color of the dress but it picks up the shape of it, making it a great accessory without being too over the top or too dull and unnoticed.

  2. Mel Bell

    I say go #3 with the gold trim for a fun flirty look OR #6 for a more subtle look…if that makes sense. Just MY opinion…HOWDY!

  3. Violet

    Either #3 or #6. I agree, don’t want anymore sparkles added to the dress. Plus unless it matches or really blends well, it always looks like you tried to match but couldn’t. #3 would be my first choice.

  4. AinOakPark

    #3 all the way. No more pink for that outfit. It will go well if you have diamonds. I think a smaller purse would be good.


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