I Want Alexa Chung's Hair

alexa chung's hair


It’s been way too long since my last cut, in big part because I can’t decide what I want to have done…and in small part because I am very, very lazy  — well, when it comes to my hair. Shampoo? Pshaw. Brushing? Overrated! (Okay, in truth my hair is dry so it just does much better without frequent washing — the brushing, well, see exhibit LAZY above).



But when I spotted these pics of Alexa Chung’s new ‘do? Well, swoon, baby, swoon. I’ve contemplated bangs for…let’s see, forever, but always decided against them because 1) I can’ stand to have hair on/in my face, 2) My hair is fine yet naturally wavy AND I have a cowlick so they wouldn’t lay flat without some effort and 3) My husband hates bangs.



But now I’m really thinking about taking the fringe plunge because 1) It’s an easy way to hide fine lines and wrinkles, 2) I’m convinced this means I’ll be able to wear less makeup and 3) Did you see how flippin’ cute she looks?!


To fringe or not to fringe, that is the question. Would you do it? Have you done it? I’m afraid I’ll end up looking like this. Or this.


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2 thoughts on “I Want Alexa Chung's Hair

  1. Liz

    Maybe you should try some of those fake clip on bangs and see how you look in them.
    If you cut your bangs and end not liking them, just remember your hair will always grow back…it may take awhile, but they will eventually grow back!!!! haha

  2. Kelly Post author

    Great idea! I was considering trying on a wig (or using one of those computer programs like In Style has), but clip-on bangs would be easier and more realistic.



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