Flamingo Float…For Real!

giant inflatable flamingo pool float | kelly golightly

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s only wise to talk birds. Big birds. Big beautiful pink birds. That’s right, in addition to Swannie Golightly, you can now also add a giant inflatable flamingo to your flock – flock of pool floats that is. Dreams do come true. Truly. It’s pure mingo madness!

But this mama bird is stumped on which giant inflatable flamingo float to bring into my flock. #MINGOPROBLEMS

Flamingo #1, who hails from down under + has a beak that would make Babs blush. Or…

Flamingo #2, who hails from the USA and whose radiant hue is the envy of all.

Eenie meenie miney mingo…which flamingo would YOU choose?


light pink flamingo / hot pink flamingo / white swan

Let’s keep in touch!


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