Deal of the Week: A $30 Three-Way You Can't Live Without This Summer

A three-way we can wrap our heads around? Er, the other way around…
Free People’s patterned sunstroke scarf.
Wear it as a tradish scarf around your neck in multiple ways, or go Grey Gardens and channel your inner Little Edie by rocking it as a headscarf.
Not that adventurous? Tie the beauty around your hips and you have a chic sarong.
You can even wear it as a top, two different ways, or wrap it around your shoulders, making it more like a seven-way.
Can you handle it?
A summer must-have for the beach and beyond, it will be your go-to travel companion.
Scoop it up in plum, turquoise or red for less than $30 (originally $48).
Wanna be tied up?
Click here, wrap star.

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