Capri or Amalfi Coast?

la dolce vita; capri or the amalfi coast? the amalfi coast vs. capri?

Buongiorno! Grazie mille for your incredibly helpful tips on London Town (especially over on Instagram — wow!). I’m hoping you might be able to help with another travel question…

la dolce vita; capri or the amalfi coast? the amalfi coast vs. capri? gray malin positano

Capri or the Amalfi Coast?

I am pinching myself to be going to either, it’s a life long dream come true. But, I’m not sure if there’s time for both… Or is there? Here’s the plan:

We’ll drive down from Rome on a Wednesday and need to be back in Rome on Sunday night.

la dolce vita; capri or the amalfi coast? the amalfi coast vs. capri?

There’s not much we want to do other than soak up la dolce vita…bask in the sun over long lunches with a view, eat lemon gelato, sip limoncello, eat Caprese (hmmm, I’m noticing a trend)…and not feel hurried or rushed, but here’s what scares me:

Rick Steves has called Capri the biggest tourist trap on the planet. Rick Steves! Yikes. From photos I’m not sure I’d exactly mind being trapped but I’m hoping you might be able to weigh in.

Have you been? What are your thoughts?

la dolce vita; capri or the amalfi coast? the amalfi coast vs. capri?

I’ve read the key to Capri is staying overnight, after all the daytrippers have taken a ferry back, which we’d definitely do. And we’re lucky that May isn’t peak season too, as we’re really hoping to escape.

FB revels in the opportunity to drive the crazy, windy roads of the Amalfi Coast and we both love just walking and walking and walking…and eating and eating and eating. We, however, do tend to get island fever and, embarrassingly, once even flew home early from the Caribbean (I know…) but I also can’t see being right by Capri and not going.

Which would you pick? Or is there time for both without feeling rushed? Schedules and vacation don’t go hand in hand in my book. However, gelato and limoncello do. 😉

p.s. Because I’m OCD Girl, I’ve started Pinterest boards for the Amalfi Coast and Capri, if you’d like to check them out.

[Top + bottom photos: unknown; Middle photos: Gray Malin, which you can buy here!]

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5 thoughts on “Capri or Amalfi Coast?

  1. Laurie Murphy

    Positano- le sirenuse is a must see, if you can stay there I highly recommend its amazing with history and charm!!!

  2. colores

    Ok How should I start.. I got married in Amalfi coast and spent my honeymoon in Positano.You have time for both and even more. If staying in Positano you can go to Capri directly by boat, beautiful scenery. In Positano please go to Fornillo Beach, it´s really nice there and can have a nice easy going lunch. If you have a car stop at Furore!! and for a romantic dinner make a reservation at Ristorante il Pirata, it´s really a must !!!
    There are lovely spots around the Amalfi coast, please stop at Praiano, not so crowded like the other villages and therefore remains less spoiled.I am sure you will love it!

  3. Bri Towne (@mamages_)

    capri capri capri! it my favorite place in the world! you have to go. the people are so incredibly friendly, the food is amazing and the shopping … wow. the views are spectacular, especially the 3 sisters. i hope you go. and take lots of pictures so i can live vicariously though you 🙂

  4. Marji

    Ciao Kelly!So glad to discover your blog just in time. Italia is one of my fave places in the world and been to many regions there. Cinque Terre on the Ligurian Coast easy train ride north of Rome. Hiked through the villages nice path and boat ride. Beach is rocky but still pretty. And the freshest prawn pasta I’ve ever tasted (with the heads even).

    Been to Sorrento and Capri too. Yes the drive is nail biting but views are spectacular. Capri easy boat ride from southern towns but be forewarned if you get sea sick (they even have bags ready) had to sit outside. Capri is touristy but still beautiful, would like to go back to visit this amazing architecture Villa Malaparte! From my interview with UK-based Italian designer Milena Silvano, she mentioned Vallone del Porte a beautiful hike near Positano. Ischia is also little Island around that maybe good to check out.

    What’s great about Italy, whichever you choose each region is different and has its own gems to offer + the yummy food of course! Must have gelato everyday too! If you can do both, enjoy the journey Kelly. (maybe 2 days Cinque Terre + 3 days Amalfi) Brava! Buon Viaggio!


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