A Peek Behind That Pink Door!

Go Behind THAT PINK DOOR! Click through to see the video behind That Pink Door fine art prints available at www.purephoto.com/kellyandfred | photo by Fred Moser + Kelly Lee #kellygolightly #thatpinkdoor #therealhousesofpalmsprings

Happy National Pink Day! As a bona fide color lover, holidays based purely on color are something I can get behind. Speaking of get behind, would you like a peek behind that pink door? Yes, really!

I’ve been pen pals with the lovely homeowners of #thatpinkdoor for a while now, so perhaps (fingers crossed!) I may be able to show you even more peeks soon. Until then, enjoy this cute video by Greater Palm Springs.

And if you’d like a fine art print of The Real Pink Door of Palm Springs, arguably one of the most iconic landmarks in Palm Springs, head to Pure Photo where Fred Baby and I offer it as part of our series The Real Houses of Palm Springs.

Because the homes in Palm Springs are literal works of art.

Happy National Pink Day!



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