Audrey Hepburn Little Black Dress

Holly Golightly Little Black Dress #kellygolightly #lbd #audreyhepburn #hollygolightly

Hi friends! How have you been? Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. I took a break to enjoy my birthday with my parents who were in town visiting. It was so fun to show them our house for the first time and to do absolutely nothing.


Holly Golightly Little Black Dress #kellygolightly #lbd #audreyhepburn #hollygolightly

We swam, we played games, I learned a ton of interesting family history (movie-worthy in fact), never left the house other than for walks around the neighborhood, which is currently filled with adorable bunnies, hooting owls and blooming flowers. It was blissful and just what the doctor ordered.

Audrey Hepburn Sunglasses #kellygolightly #lbd #audreyhepburn #hollygolightly

Lately I have been practicing the art of doing nothing and spoiler alert: I’m really good at it! I’m easing back into the swing of things with this Audrey Hepburn-inspired Little Black Dress.

Best Little Black Dress #kellygolightly #lbd #audreyhepburn #hollygolightly

It reminds me so much of what Holly Golightly wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While I originally bought it to wear to our Cocktails at Tiffany’s party during Modernism Week, it would be perfect for wedding season.

Audrey Hepburn Little Black Dress #kellygolightly #lbd #audreyhepburn #hollygolightly

It comes in many pretty colors, including a pearl pink I’m considering scooping up as well. You could wear it to a wedding, or it would even make a perfect bridesmaids dress.

Holly Golightly Sunglasses #kellygolightly #lbd #audreyhepburn #hollygolightly

For reference I’m wearing a size 2 and the fit is true to size.

Audrey Hepburn-inspired Little Black Dress #kellygolightly #lbd #audreyhepburn #hollygolightly

Now who do I know that is getting married? I’d like to wear this beyond my backyard!


dress * necklace * sunglasses * shoes


Keep in touch!



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