Are Men the New Women and Are Fashion Trends Out?

The WSJ today wrote that the fashion industry is in a tizzy because when it comes to womens fashion, everything is in style. A good thing for all of us who follow and enjoy fashion, as this mix and match aesthetic and take what you want from trends attitude (you know the one that means you actually buy what looks good on YOU and have fun adding in the occasional trendy piece if it happens to work for you) prevents anyone from looking like a fashion victim.

However, the article suggest that it’s challenging to many designers, as there’s no big look or item to push come New York Fashion Week in February.

So what happens when the fashion industry can no longer see us as mindless guinea pigs willing to buy the “It” items of the season and can no longer take a purely top-down approach?

They get new guinea pigs.

Who are they?

Men, apparently.

Read the rest of the article here and let us all know what you think in our comments below. Do you follow trends?

I hypothesize that designers are just as aware of the economy as the rest of us and know that they’ll have a far easier time selling their customers classic looks right now (i.e. a trench coat) rather than something more experimental that seems temporary or fleeting. I also think we’ll see plenty of trends for those of us who would like to indulge in something that seems fresh, as witnessed from the Golden  Globes red carpet, including ruffles, the color purple, and one-shouldered dresses.

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One thought on “Are Men the New Women and Are Fashion Trends Out?

  1. 76Fred

    To all the designer who think they can get men into short term fashion trends.. Good luck! Sadly, men just don’t like to shop like women. They don’t like to ponder items in the stores for hours and hours in order to eventually pick the shirt with just the right collar and just the right buttons. Sure, there might be a small portion of the male population who can get into this, but they are likely already the gay husband of the women shoppers that the designers should be targeting.

    Men typically buy items that are a bit more conservative and will work for a long time. That way we can look good, shop less, and invest our hard earned money in the fashion dreams of our wives and girlfriends. Of course, we also like electronics and cars!


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