ACME Party Box: The Prettiest, Easiest Party You'll Ever Throw

Acme Party Box Company; Party in a Box; Non-Plastic Parties


If Martha Stewart wanted to throw a party but was pressed for time, we imagine she would scoop up an ACME Party Box to impress her guests. Literally a party in a box for those seeking something truly original, handmade, eco-friendly and re-usable, ACME party boxes include custom letterpress invitations, linens (including darling bunting, napkins, table runners and favor bags), favors, tableware and even centerpieces. The price for such party perfection doesn’t come cheap, but think of all the time you’ll save and headaches you’ll avoid. Imagine actually enjoying your own party!

In addition to party boxes for both adults and children, you can also order toys and accessories a la carte, like glass drinking jars with perforated metal lids and festive paper straws that make it nearly impossible to spill your martini kale juice.

Ready to party? Click here.

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