Ace of Spades: Kate and Andy's New Ventures

I’ve always been inspired by the story of Kate and Andy Spade (a couple working together to build something, leaving their stylish mark on the world) so when I spotted the article The Spades’ New Bag by Amy Larocca in New York Magazine, I was a happy clam. To see what life is like now that Kate and Andy have left Kate Spade (sniff, sniff), click here. There are lessons to be learned indeed. I can’t believe his new shop/gallery/experiment Partners & Spade is right behind my old apartment in NoHo. Right behind. I’m pretty sure if I were still there, I’d be a) accused of stalking Andy or b) interning there ( how fun would that be?). You know, eigher way…

[Photo: Tina Barney for New York Magazine]

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One thought on “Ace of Spades: Kate and Andy's New Ventures

  1. Kate

    Really interesting end to that article:

    “I see all these people who just keep going and going and going, and I just feel like, ‘Hey! You made it!’ ” says Andy. “But they get up every day and just keep going. You love the game, but the game for us? We just wanted to be in fourth place. We just wanted a good little company.”

    Does anyone really believe that the team that created the global, hugely successful Kate Spade brand really just wanted “a good little company?”

    I agree they now might be very happy with their success, and not feel pressured to do it again, but I simply can’t believe that they “wanted to be in fourth place” when they fought like cats and dogs to get to the top!

    That said, I want some of that “Thank You” wine. What a great gift!


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