30 Day Declutter Challenge

Spring Cleaning Tips: Want to take the 30-Day Declutter Challenge? Here's how to join in! #kellygolightly #springcleaning #howtodeclutter

Happy March, friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I’ve been soaking up the sun and snuggles with my Buggy, sister and brother-in-law here in Palm Springs while Fred Baby is off in Barcelona. But I wanted to pop in with a 30 Day Declutter Challenge seeing as spring — and spring cleaning — are right around the corner? Wanna join me?


Want to take the 30-Day Declutter Challenge? Here's how to join in! #kellygolightly #springcleaning #howtodeclutter

I don’t know about you, but my place is in serious need of some decluttering and organization. However, tackling it seems daunting and overwhelming. I need direction. I need to be told how to declutter.

The 30 Day Declutter Challenge.

So when I saw my friend Kristen posted this 30 Day Declutter Challenge over on Facebook, I was in. It’s presented so clearly, with one easily doable task per day.

Want to take the 30-Day Declutter Challenge? Here's how to join in! #kellygolightly #springcleaning #howtodeclutter

Wanna join me?

Today’s first challenge is to organize your bedroom.

We can do this, right? Right!

 I’ll post updates over on InstaStories + would love to hear how you’re doing too. Just think how clear our minds will feel at the end of the 30 days.

Let’s get this party started!

Photos by Fred Moser


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2 thoughts on “30 Day Declutter Challenge

  1. Angie

    I started declutting last week. I was saving cook books, pots and pans I only used once ( copper and brass ) too much polishing. I also gave away conforter sets, curtains, clothes and shoes ( have way to many). The stress level went down almost imediately . I can’t wait to tackle more rooms

  2. Terry Scholl

    You have inspired us. We Norfolk VA in a 1 bedroom waterfront condo on the harbour. Living small has it’s advantages, but we must be mindful of our space. After 14 years here it was time to purge. We started in the bedroom/office and did just a minimal reorganization. We will continue this after the closets, dressers, and bathroom are finished. Saturday took apart the walk-in closet. In the donate pile we filled 4 large moving boxes with clothing to donate. Most items were no longer the right style, old and worn, did not fit the way it used to, or just did not spark joy. Looking at the boxes and now our organized closet, we can’t believe all of that was in there. We feel so much lighter now. Sunday we did the linen closet. Much nicer to go in and find things now. In the process, we got rid of so many vases, from arrangements we received over the years. Who needs that many. We also found gifts we meant to give years ago. Going through the linens it was clear many were just two old and threadbear to keep. Tonight After work the Master bathroom cabinets. We are prepping for an update in there any way so this will get the ball rolling. We just can’t believe the positive impact of getting rid of “Stuff.” Thanks


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