We invest so much time and effort in the way we look, from dresses to bags to the jewels we flaunt, so why does it all seem to fall apart at our feet?

Meet Sock Theory, whose theory is that socks and legwear should be just as pretty and clever as the rest of your look, maybe even more so.

We love legwear, so our hearts (and feet) went pitter patter when we spotted the ultra feminine and sweet styles that let us update our looks for $10 or less.

From lacy lace-up slipper socks to dainty lace ankle socks, black-and-white tights to pencil socks, cableknit leg warmers to toe socks (fascinating), there’s plenty to fall head over heels for (literally).

And, the cutesy Japan-inspired socks make the perfect little something to put in a certain someone’s Easter basket.

Where to get a leg up (and develop a foot fetish)?

Right here.

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