As much as we love pristinely manicured nature, we’re getting a little tired of hearing “green” all the time. Unless someone’s slipping some in our wallets.
So we were a little jaded when we heard about yet another company making reusable bags to take the place of plastic bags in the grocery store.
How many tote bags can a girl have, after all?
Several more it turns out.
Meet Neela, a new company started by two girls like us who wanted to be kind to the environment, but were intimidated by what they thought that meant.
Luckily, they figured out that with even small changes such as using their cute reusable bags in place of paper or plastic for a year, you could save nearly 1000 bags from certain death in a landfill near you.
We love all the brilliant colors, prints, sizes and styles and can’t get over the fact that they start at just $5 each.
Take a peek!

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