On Facebook, it’s celebrity doppelganger week (okay, more like two weeks), where you upload a photo of a celebrity that you’ve been told you look like. Have you been playing? It’s been enlightening seeing that my friends look like Beyonce, Malin Akerman, Angie Harmon, Alanis Morissette and Shania Twain (and that no boys seem to be playing). What a group. That’s almost as fun and as eclectic as my Imaginary Cocktail Party attendees. I digress. At the Grammy’s last Sunday, I realized a few celebs have doppelgangers of their own.

Who knew that Dave Matthews was really the son (or brother) of  Tom Hanks?

And that Sarah Palin is Paris Jackson’s mama!

And that Sarah Palin is Tina Fey’s and my mama too?! Maybe it’s just the glasses…

Now that that mystery is solved (you’re welcome), I’d love to know who is your celebrity look-alike?

p.s. Does somebody have a brush I can borrow?

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