Last year in New York, we picked up a great bag from a shop in our old neighborhood called Sabina.
It ended up being the bag we carried practically every day and we wanted to share it with you here, but at the time you couldn’t buy the bag online — le sigh.
But now you can.
The best part? They’ve improved and updated the design.
Why we love it so?
Perfect shape, super comfy straps, great boho-chic look, but mostly we love the fabulous two big pocket compartments on the outside. It’s like having two wallets that you never have to dig for.
We keep our iPhone in one and ID, metro card, credit card and keys in the other, leaving plenty of room inside for an eco-friendly water bottle and makeup bag. We toss a magazine in the back slit pocket and are happy as a Kardashian in a clothing store. It’s great for the girl on the go and makes traveling so much easier.
Available in tan or fern exclusively here.

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