Still looking for an ah-mazing Mother’s Day gift and feel like splurging on the lady who gave you a fab life?
Consider the Kindle.
If Mom loves to read books, the newspaper, magazines or even blogs (wow — she’s rad), this will blow her Crocs off. It’s Amazon’s wireless reading device and is about the size of a book. You don’t have to hook it up to a computer for it to work or anything. And it works on the same network as advanced cell phones, meaning you don’ t have to find a hot spot to download new books.
Our favorite highlights?
It holds up to 200 titles, so when you travel (whether to an exotic island or just to work), you no longer have to lug your reading material with you, saving you from shoulder and back pain (when your porter isn’t available that is).
Because it’s paperless (obviously), it’s totally green, saving lots of trees. We love trees!
No more ink smudges on your hands from newspapers or mags!
Unlike a laptop, it doesn’t get hot.
There are no service plans or wireless bills. Once you buy it, you’re set.
The battery can last for a week!
Best of all, you’ll make Mom the coolest soccer mom on the block.
Plus, if she ends up not being able to convert from her old-school ways, you can totally steal it!
To get free two-day shipping and your Kindle before they all sell out — yet again — click here!

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