Pinata Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies, Oh My!

pinata cake

Holy canoli, this is the best thing I’ve seen since Richard Simmons at Cecconi’s yesterday (oh yes I did!). Behold, pinata cakes.

pinata cake

My niece loves surprises — pinatas, surprise balls. When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she replied “a surprise!” I can’t wait to make this for her and watch her little eyes explode with wonder. Wouldn’t it be fun for a birthday or even Easter?

pinata cake

Pure delight. Created by A Subtle Revelry, you can find the full instructions here.


And there’s a pinata cupcake version too! Genius.

pinata cupcakes

Created by La Receta de la Felicidad, you can find the instructions here.

pinata cookies

And there are pinata cookies too (who knew?)! Find instructions on She Knows.

So, the question: Would you make a pinata cake, cupcakes or cookies? Inquiring minds want to know…


[Pinata cake photos by A Subtle Revelry; pinata cupcake photos by La Receta de la Felicidad; pinata cookies by She Knows]

Happy March!
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19 thoughts on “Pinata Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies, Oh My!

  1. This is brilliant!! My first thought was – ring box! I always thought the idea of hiding an engagement ring inside food products was sketchy but a ring box holding the engagement ring inside a pinata cake!?! =P Ahhh, alas, we’re all married up lol but it would be such a cute proposal idea.

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