New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 Fail: Marc Jacobs

Some (okay, most) will say genius. We say fail. Showing the least flattering skirt lengths for women ever (mid-calf), Marc succeeded in making barely there models look homeless, dumpy and depressed, rather than romantic, sweet and irreverent. Wethinks this artist is testing to see if he can ever get a bad review. And who can blame him? Being successful season after season must make one wonder if they’re really that good or if people are just blindly bought in and will keep buying in no matter what. We’re not buying the Flying-Nun-lost-her-wings-and-is-now-hanging-out-on-a-street-corner-in-The-Haight look. Are you?

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3 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 Fail: Marc Jacobs

  1. Kate

    Right on! I think the model on the left wore her PJ’s to the runway.

    I know lots of girls who sported that look in college, but I don’t they they were fashion forward.

  2. A in Oak Park

    The two middle photos prove that A-line skirts do NOT make you look thin, or even thinner. If I showed up at ANY event in any of the first three outfits, my friends would die laughing.


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