5 Stylish iPhone 5 Cases

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For awhile it was hard to find cute iPhone 5 cases, but now the problem is deciding between all of the cute options (#firstworldproblems). Here are five faves that are sure to give your phone the summer makeover it so rightfully deserves.

1. J.Crew Neon Printed Case

2. Milly Banana Leaf iPhone 5 Case (also here)

stylish iphone 5 cases

3. J.Crew Cafe Navy Case

4. Milly Starburst iPhone Case

5. Kate Spade Gingham iPhone Case

Flowers in the Desert
Desert Hues

8 thoughts on “5 Stylish iPhone 5 Cases

  1. Shelby M.

    Ha! Craziest thing- I have the J. Crew case on my iPhone right now, and I was JUST LOOKING at the Milly one in another tab! You have good taste 😉 haha!

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