Visiting Audrey Hepburn’s Home

audrey hepburn's tolochenaz home switzerland la plaisible la paisible the peaceful home morges

It had always been somewhere in the back of my mind that Audrey Hepburn’s home, La Paisible, was in Switzerland. So last week, when I was trying to map out our drive from Munich to Provence, and actually looked at a map (geography not being my strong suit), I realized that her home in Tolochenaz, Switzerland was smack-dab in the middle of our drive. I couldn’t believe it. We had to go. So we did! Here’s a peek… 


Tolochenaz is a quaint town just outside of Morges, Switzerland (a small town on Lake Geneva near Lausanne).

tolochenaz switzerland audrey hepburn home address

It’s only 0.62 square miles big with about 1700 residents, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.


We saw barely a soul on the street, aside from two little boys kicking around a soccer ball.

visiting audrey hepburn's home la plaisible tolochenaz switzerland morges switzerland audrey hepburn's final resting place tolochenaz cemetery

While there is a bust of Audrey in the tiny town square and a few small plaques paying tribute to her, there is nothing else.

audrey hepburn place tolochenaz switzerland

Nothing garish. It’s all very simple.


We were the only people there, no tourists, no crowds.


It was such a rare treat to stroll the same streets Audrey herself walked.


For the special day I wore Audrey-inspired pieces: a trench coat, simple little dress, scarf, flats, black glasses and an oversized sunhat.

place audrey hepburn, tolochenaz switzerland

Details below…


You instantly understood why it was her escape and why she nicknamed her home there La Paisible (meaning “peaceful” in French).

audrey hepburn la paisiable home tolochenaz switzerland

Here’s a peek at the charming ivy-covered 18th century farmhouse that Audrey called home for 30 years.


La Paisible sits directly on a country road and this is the view just across the street.


I was surprised that Audrey’s home was on a main country road. It’s just beyond this stone wall, but not hidden behind gates the way most celebrities have their homes today.

audrey hepburn tolochenaz cemetery

After strolling the streets of Tolochenaz and glimpsing the place she called home for 30 years, we then made our way over to Audrey’s final resting place, Tolochenaz Cemetery.

tolochenaz cemetery

I had mixed feelings about going, but wanted to pay my respects. In all honesty, it was a very moving experience and I’m having a hard time putting it into words.

audrey hepburn's grave at tolochenaz cemetery

Both the cemetery and Audrey’s grave are both so simple and modest. She is among locals in the town she loved most.

If you’d like to visit Audrey’s final resting place, this is the address:

Chemin des Plantees, TolochenazMorges 1131Switzerland

*Please note that this is not a tourist attraction, but a very simple and quaint cemetery. If you’d like to bring flowers for Audrey, we found a lovely flower shop in Morges called Vertiges Fleurs at Rue Louis de Savoie, 12.

Rest in peace sweet Audrey and thank you for all you have given me and the world.

visitingaudreyhepburnshome kelly golightly goes to tolochenazaudreyhepburnsswitzerlandhomemorgesswitzerland

Here’s what I wore to visit Audrey Hepburn’s home in Tolochenaz:

Dress: Anthropologie | Scarf: vintage but similarFlats: old but cute striped flats herehere & here & more below | Sunglasses: AnthropologieHat: old but love this one | Trench: Zara (sold out but similar trench coat here & this is also cute & this trench coat is cute)

Fred Moser Photography

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52 thoughts on “Visiting Audrey Hepburn’s Home

  1. Dympna Moulder

    Lovely post. We visited Audreys home town and grave ourselves last July 2014 and like you could just imagine her walking the quiet streets. It is a beautiful quaint little village and so very quiet. I wish I did something like this, what a fantastic way to relive your memories

  2. Tessa Arthur

    Hi Kelly. What a grand contribution. Thanks to you I now know where Audrey’s home is located. It may be that it took me a while to find it as it appears that the soft blue colour has been painted over on the exterior of her home. My husband and I are planning a move to Évian France in retirement which would mean that I could gaze over Lake Geneva to her resting place. For now, we can plan to visit Audrey’s home and resting place very soon. Thank you again for your lovely display of your journey. Kind Regards, Tessa

  3. Joanna

    Beautiful post. My husband and I will be visiting Tolochenaz in a month and just like you plan to pay tribute to one of the most wonderful, elegant and classy women. Love your photos and beautiful outfits. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience and a recommendation where to purchase flowers.

  4. Orla

    This is a wonderful tribute to Audrey. Your outfit is perfect. The town looks beautiful – I must visit there one day.

    1. Gabrielle Rothwell

      Thank you for your interesting post. Have always loved Audrey. Hope to visit Tolochenaz and grave this June (2018).

  5. Hannah Briggs

    My husband and I plan on visiting next summer. Is the home open for tours? Is there anything else you recommend seeing/doing in the area? Thank you!

    1. bunsy

      Hi — no, the Hepburn sons sold the house a few years ago, and it is now privately owned. I read a few years ago that the town had an “Audrey Hepburn” museum/exhibit (very simple), but Sean Ferrer sued them and I think they had to shut it down. I think it was very simple and well done, and they meant well…

  6. Paul Brayshaw

    Lovely post. I visited here with my ex wife in 2004. Audrey was her hero and I can see why, my ex even looks like Audrey which was a bit odd.
    Audrey was such a wonderful/beautiful woman who worked tirelessly for children and the United Nations.

    This area is stunning and we visited her grave to pay our respects too. Thank you for the pictures Kelly.

    Paul (Brighton)

  7. bunsy

    I wrote AUDREY STYLE (which the Hepburn family helped with) and WHAT WOULD AUDREY DO? really enjoyed your post. I think AH would, too!

  8. graham peter osborne

    hello kelly i am scottish and holidayed in ouchy for a week so i could spend a day in tolochenaz.audreys house was just majestic and i went to the museum about her and then i also had mixed feelings over going to the cemetery.wanted to knock on the front door of la paisible but was not brave best holiday was in that place as audrey was my shining star and sunshine.

  9. LouiseBella

    I loved your pictures! I have to say that I’m very disappointed in myself. My ex fiancé and I had visited his dad and step mom in Switzerland in may of 2001. They lived in Lausanne at the time and I had no idea how close is was to where Audrey lived. I’m sad that I didn’t get to experience this and wish I could go back. When is saw thar you wrote Lausanne, my jaw hit the floor. Maybe someday I will make the trip again!

  10. Rose Bicudo

    Hello, I’ll be staying in the center of Lausanne. How do I go to the Tolochenaz Cemetery? Do I need to rent a car or can I go by bus? thanks

  11. Felix Locklin

    A very lovely lady with a heart of gold. Thanks for the tour of Ms. Hepburns town and grave site!

  12. Michael Alexander

    Your site is well done. I am a Audrey Hepburn admirer for what she had done with UNICEF. Her movies were just marvelous and it was somgracious of Gregory Peck to insist she get equal billing for ‘Roman Holiday’, her first movie. He recognized her talent and humanity. Thank you, again, for your site.


    Lovely remembrance. She always struck me as a very simple person who somehow got caught up in all the glam and glitz that is Hollywood yet remained true to herself and her simplicity. She narrated a film called Gardens of The World. I believe it was a documentary and mine is a copy someone recorded. I believe she loved the gardens by the way she spoke about them in the film and looking at your photo of her grave somewhat Secours my thought about that.

  14. Neil Fox

    Hi Kelly.
    This is Neil from York .England.
    I commented on your wonderful pictures inTolochenaz a few years ago.
    These pictures inspired me to go visit Geneva do the Geneva Marathon and go to Tolechenaz and pay my respects to Audrey Hepburn.
    I had the most wonderful time it was very spiritual and very moving and memorable.
    I have you to thank for that you motivated me to go see for myself and I am truly grateful.
    My lovely daughter Lauren that Christmas bought me a book Audrey at home which is truly magnificent and I was delighted.
    I am very much a technological dinosaur a humble Bricklayer exParatrooper I run for solace .however I emailed the Audrey Hepburn Estate just to say what a brilliant book this was and how much I enjoyed it ,imagine my surprise when a few months later Lucca Dotti replied with a very kind message.i was over the moon so happy walking round with a smile on my face for days.
    There you go Kelly I thank you with all my heart wish you peace ,love and happiness good health to you and all.
    Kind Regards
    Neil x

  15. M

    All My Sisters there very lovely Sisters that I have I lost 1 at 15 Andra ,just lost my older Brother Perry . Any way 3 more Sisters Ona Cara & Mia . We have Parents that are stall alive. But it’s not about my Family they all Idmyer Audrey very well as I am for me. We all Miss her. Sadly hard for Her too go thure such bad pain. What a brave Lady she was too. All my Prayers too Her 2 Children & rest of the Family. Go too I’m shire you Mother wanted you too go here. You will see your Mother again.

  16. Charisse

    This site has made so many people happy just to read about your adventures and see your photographs. I’ve made many such trips in my life to see where my inspirations have hailed from but that has never taken me to Switzerland. I still travel but not much abroad anymore; too old now to make that trip from San Diego, so seeing your posts puts a smile on my face.

  17. Bruce S Roggy

    Bruce Shaw Roggy
    I visited Audreys house & grave in 2004 & your pictures aren’t the house I saw. I’ve read all of the books about Audrey & the pictures of her house match mine, not yours. There was a 6ft wall around her house & it had huge back yard. My question, did she have 2 houses. No mention of 2 houses on the books. ????

  18. Roger WORROD

    The cemetery, house & square are on my local bus route, Miss Golightly (Kelly? Not Holly??) and I’ve lived in the area since the mid-80s when I performed in “La Nef Dans La Ville” which opened the Beausobre Theatre (Morges). That was the only time I met and talked to my near-neighbour, although there were several near-misses over the years. Tolochenaz is one of so many calm and pleasant Swiss villages where a surprising number of my profession (mostly Brits) have their final resting place… I presume mine will be at the other end of the 702 bus route…

  19. Mike

    A genuinely loving and dignified post. Audrey would approve. Remembering her today, the 26th anniversary of her death. She lives on in the hearts of those of us who love her.

  20. Veronique Thevoz

    My grandparents lived in the house nextdoor, “La Chaumine”, from 1955. I spent a lot of my childhood there until around 1966 when they sold their house to move to Lausanne. Audrey who stayed on was our neighbour for about 3 years. My mother has kept family albums and I also enjoy looking at photos taken nextdoor as I recognize the colour of the grass and the light! The locals left her in peace, which meant a lot to her.


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