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Are you beginning to think about your Christmas dinner table? Me neither. But that’s because my Mom is making her delicious Christmas dinner so I’ll happily be taking a back seat and focusing my efforts on eating all off the mashed potatoes. BUT, if I were hosting Christmas dinner this year, I’d want a little inspiration. I have some Christmas dinner table ideas for you below + a Christmas mocktail recipe. Enjoy! 

I shared these ideas in my Friendsgiving post but just realized that I never showed you the video Miss Kris and I shot. Quel beast! Press play to watch it above.

mini rosemary wreaths as placecardsettings

I’m already preparing my Oscar acceptance speech for Best Actress (okay, Best Supporting Actress will do just fine — I’m not picky). While you’ve likely put your pumpkins and corn away, you could easily spraypaint pinecones gold for the same effect. You can pretty much paint anything gold to glam it up. True story. You could also whip up Rosemary’s Baby Wreaths, i.e. these mini rosemary wreaths to jazz up your Christmas dinner table.

Yes, replace the gold corn with gold pinecones, and the gold pumpkins with rosemary and you are set. Maybe add a few fresh lemons or oranges as accessories. Winter citrus for the win.

swan punch bowl?! my head just exploded.

Now let’s talk food and drink… In my family we don’t eat pork and Swannie Golightly does not support having a Christmas goose, so Christmas dinner is an exact replica of Thanksgiving dinner. And, because Fred Baby and I alternate spending Thanksgiving with one side of the family and Christmas with the other, it ensures that I get to have my Mom’s Thanksgiving meal at least once a year. And in the end, don’t we all just want our Mom’s homecooking? My sister and I attempt to help with the meal, but ultimately revert to behaving like six-year-olds, with Mom giving us simple tasks like stir the gravy. But we are in charge of one thing: the punch!

non-alcoholic orange sherbet punch | kelly golightly

We make a fabulously frothy punch by blending orange sherbet, 7up, and orange Hi-C. Because everyone needs a milkshake with the most caloric meal of the year. I’m going to have to ask my Mom how this tradition started but it’s one that I love. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free Christmas mocktail, I highly recommend it. Note to self: This punch needs a name! Ideas? Lemme know in le comments!

christmas cocktail recipe idea

And in case you missed it, here is the super easy adult version, which would be great for New Year’s Eve as well — it’s SO simple:

a fabulous holiday cocktail - SO easy!

Do you have any Christmas dinner traditions you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Now let’s talk about that swan punch bowl! My head nearly exploded when I saw it. You can get it here. Get one for me too, while you’re at it. Grazie & Happy Holidays!


 video + punch photo by jessica castro | all others by kelly golightly + anthropologie

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