Shopping Guide: Cute Umbrellas

It’s been raining like kittens and puppies (aaw, Cute Overload!) here in California, as witnessed on the Golden Globes red carpet, so it only seems appropriate to go hunting…for cute umbrellas that is. We were a bit disappointed that Hollywood’s finest didn’t have better, more creative umbrellas, in fact. No matter.

From the clear and cool to the vintage and ladylike, there’s sure to be something Drew, Kate and Marion will want to pick up for their next stroll. And we’re sure you’ll feel like singing in the rain.

Scroll below to see 18 Cute Umbrellas!

Clockwise from L-R: Color-Changing Umbrella — for the artist in you; Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas — becasue it’s good to have a “friend” on a rainy day;  Bella Pagoda — a pop of magenta in a vintage style is sure to brighten those grey skies.

Marimekko Kivet — because sometimes it’s good to see the world in black and white; Paris Umbrella — because there’s nothing more romantic than Paris in the rain; Tray 6 Travel Hana Lemon — a sunny option for light showers; New York Panoramic Umbrella — because big lights will inspire you…

Umbrella for Two — because nothing make a rainy day better than being with the one you love; Big Fish Umbrella — because it’s always good to the prettiest fish in any pond; Tray 6 Travel Spring Rain — because these are the kind of blues we don’t mind having.

Color Spectrum Travel Umbrella— because the best part of a rainy day is looking out for a rainbow; Kelly Green Ruffled Umbrella — for those times you want some old-fashioned ladylike charm to accompany you; Totes Bubble Umbrella –because you’re not one to let the rain burst your bubble; GAP Striped Umbrella — because a stylish pop pf color in classic stripes is all a girl really wants sometimes.

Clear Bubble Umbrella — so you can always enjoy the view; Sky Umbrella–perhaps our favorite of the bunch, we love that brilliant blue skies can surround us no matter what; Marimekko Unikko Umbrella — blue flowers + rainy day = happy smiles; Red and Black Umbrella — because if everyone had an umbrella this pretty, the world would be a much happier place.

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8 thoughts on “Shopping Guide: Cute Umbrellas

  1. 76Fred

    Wow, what a collection! I agree with you, the Sky Umbrella is possibly the best. It just puts you in a good mood. I also love the Paris Umbrella.

    I wonder if anyone has tried the Color-Changing Umbrella. That seems neat!

  2. liz

    They’re all so cute, I don’t know which one to buy…but you’re right, the sky umbrella would put you in a good mood on a blah day.

  3. Kelly Post author

    The Hubs and I have the red Umbrella for Two and love it (a sweet Valentine’s Day gift), but I’ve been wanting the Sky Umbrella for some time now. Instant happiness.

    The first one changes colors when it gets wet though and I’d love to see that in person! And who doesn’t want a bubble umbrella with fishies floating around? Too cute. Now I almost hope it keeps raining so I can justify making more than one of these mine.


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