Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper

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Happy Friday the 13th, loves! Earlier this week, we talked stylish removable wallpaper, and after much thought we decided on this one for the insides of the kitchen cabinets and/or the wall behind our TV in the living room.  But when I spotted these golden zebras dancing on a blue background, I knew I had to have it too. I’m obsessed. These happy fellas were dancing in my head as I tried to fall asleep last night and will be just perfect for one wall in our dining room/my office area.

I’ve always loved Scalamandre’s zebra wallpaper, from seeing it in The Royal Tennenbaums to Kate Spade’s stores and guest bath (see all here). But I’ve never seen it in this periwinkle and gold colorway before and it’s just perfect for The Jewelbox. While it’s not temporary wallpaper, sometimes it’s worth a little splurge to make your house (or pied-a-terre) a home. Especially when you work from home (i.e. spend most of your waking and sleeping hours there).

What do you think? Do you love it too?

Find it here.

p.s. It’s sku: WP81388M-007.

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