Crack Syrup: A French Toast Trick

french toast recipe trick; replacement for syrup; alternative to syrup; does syrup make your stomach hurt too? here's a tip...

Happy Easter weekend, Golightlies! With Easter being this weekend, I thought I’d share a little French toast trick, in case you’re planning on enjoying some for Easter brunch. I love French toast (and pancakes too). And while I love syrup, it doesn’t love me back and gives me a major tummy ache (like two little warriors having a punching match inside mah belly!). Luckily necessity is the mother of invention. One day when we were out of syrup, Fred Baby came up with an easy and delicious alternative to syrup…

What, you ask?

french toast recipe trick; replacement for syrup; alternative to syrup; does syrup make your stomach hurt too? here's a tip...

Brown sugar milk! Mmmmhmmm. Simply mix brown sugar with milk and then drizzle on top like you would with syrup (or dunk each bite into the crack-like mixture, which is even better). A 2/3 brown sugar to 1/3 milk ratio seems to be best. Not only is it gentler on the tummy (mine anyway), it also adds a great moistness to the French toast. And all that calcium from the milk is great for your bones, right?

Try it and let me know if you like it as much as I do. I literally just had some for breakfast. Oh, and here’s another French toast trick: Use croissants instead of bread. Dee-vine. Slice down the middle, dip in a mixture of egg, milk and cinnamon (go a little eggier than normal), and cook low and slow. That Fred Baby is an Einstein in the kitchen!

[Photos by Kelly Golightly]

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