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A bounty of beauty.


Win a gift bag chock-full of $100 worth of L’Oreal Paris products — the same gift bags given out at SELF magazine’s third annual Women Doing Good Awards in New York City. You’ll also get the October issue of SELF magazine, with Modern Family’s Sofรญa Vergara on the cover!

How to Enter:

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2. Then, leave a comment below on this post telling us your best beauty tip.

Good luck xx!

Giveaway ends October 5, 2010 at 11:59 PST. Weโ€™ll pick one winner at random and contact you by email (only visible to us, so please be sure to use a valid email addy when commenting below). U.S. residents only. You must be 18 or older to be eligible to win. Void where prohibited.

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Update: Congrats to Lyndsey R. of Ohio for winning our contest!

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158 thoughts on “Win a $100 L'Oreal Paris Gift Bag from SELF!

  1. Donna C

    Am the first one to comment? wow!

    I like you on fb!

    I learned this beauty tip from some models. Put vaseline under your eyes every night before you go to bed. It keeps the area moisturized and helps prevent wrinkles. It also prevents eyelash mites (yes there are such a thing!!) from eating the sand in your eyelashes!

  2. Zoe Lee

    People ask me how I look so young, and my advice to them is: Dont drink, dont smoke, get lots of sleep, drink water and stay out of the sun. I wear spf all year long and use a pretty sun umbrella in the summer heat!

  3. Megan Prentice

    Not letting stress get to me really makes a difference in my appearance. Meditation helps me achieve that.

  4. Margaret Smith

    I like you on FB (Margaret E. Smith)

    Seriously, my best tip is to use sunscreen daily with a high SPF. I think that this is the most important tip to remember.

    Thanks so much.

  5. Shirley Hodge

    Exfoliate with a rough wash cloth and moisterize at least twice daily. Never ever leave on make-up overnight.

  6. Amber

    My best beauty tip is to act confident! Every outfit will look better and people will respond positively to someone who seems like they have it all together!

  7. Bart Henry

    Best thing ever? I’m 46 and for years I’ve been using Jojoba Oil. It has the same molecular structure as sebum, our natural skin moisturizer…amazing stuff, gives your skin a glow…

  8. carrie rizz

    Always use a mineral powder to set your makeup when you are done applying. It not only sets makeup, but gives your face a beautiful glow

  9. PatZ

    My beauty tip is to fill in sparse eyebrows with feathery strokes instead of dark lines for a more natural look.

  10. Melissa Lawrence

    I think coconut water is an excellence source of skin hydration. I noticed a big difference in my skin when I started drinking it. I liked your page!

  11. Andrea S.

    Drinking plenty of water, and washing my face twice a day really helps keep my skin fresh and young-looking!

  12. Linda Lockhart

    My best beauty tip? Dry brush your skin before showering. It exfoliates and stimulates circulation. Your skin will glow and feel like satin.

  13. Kim

    LIKEing you on Facebook and my best beauty tip is to get plenty of sleep and eat right. Beauty comes from health within!

  14. Cynthia C

    My tip is to eat healthy, make sure you’re hydrated and stay fit with exercise. It’s like making sure the house is sound before you start to paint it!

  15. Linda White

    A good nights sleep helps a lot and drinking lots of water! I love to have a relaxing cup of tea or glass of wine at night before bed too,

  16. Patricia

    Eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, lots of water, and maintain a regular cleansing routine.

  17. Denise B.

    I clean my face off three times a day with rubbing alcohol followed by a good anti-aging moisturizer. It keeps my face from breakouts and the skin looking young.

  18. bunnyj

    Of course staying hydrated…but I love pure vitamin E oil. I use it as a lip gloss, dab it on scars, use it is a serious moisturizer at night/after sun. The possibilities are endless!

  19. Valeen N

    My best beauty tip is to drink plenty of fluids, get enough rest, and remember that you are beautiful, no matter what! (and don’t ever go out without at least mascara on!)

  20. Karen S

    I blow out my hair curly. Then add shine product and flat iron my hair straight. It becomes shiny, soft and straight.

  21. Jennifer Runkel

    My advice is to straighten hair with a big round brush instead of a flat iron and use a heat protector product

  22. Lydia Johnson

    My beauty tip would be to always have me time, to avoid stress. I have a quiet time every morning and it helps me to be ready for whatever comes my way. And at night I reflect on the good things and what i’m gratful for this helps me to relax and have a deep restful sleep.

  23. Anne Marie

    My favorite beauty secret is to have a quiet and gentle spirit: work on your inner-self! Really, you could look like a model on the outside and people will still consider you ugly if you are mean and vicious.

  24. Catalina K

    I use warm Apple Cider Vinegar as body scrub and mix just three little drops of extra virgin olive oil with my shampoo whenever I wash my hair. Both tips work wonders!

  25. Becky S.

    I use plain antibacterial hand soap to wash my face. It seems to work perfectly and I think the antibacterial properties help prevent breakouts.

  26. julieh

    I like you on FB (julie hawkins). My best beauty tip is vaseline jelly. It works great on chapped lips, dry cuticles, and removing eye makeup in a pinch.

  27. addrienne mertens

    liked on FB–addrienne anny mertens

    stay out of the sun and use sunscreen. people that tan on purpose tend to have more defined wrinkles.

  28. Jill Myrick

    I am a fan via Facebook as Jill Myrick.

    When the weather turns cold I use vaseline on my elbows , knees and heels. It keeps my skin from drying out and cracking due to the cold. And keeps it soft.


  29. Darcy B

    Your body needs water, but it’s best to get some of that from fresh fruits and vegetables. Your body also needs rest–get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated.

  30. Em

    “liked” you on facebook (@emmy coffee)

    my beauty tip? keep your eyebrows in place by brushing them with clear mascara.

    (i know it was embarassing when i’d look in the mirror and realize I had moth eyebrows somehow)

  31. Melanie

    I like you on FB.

    The best beauty tip I can offer is to take care of your

    body, when everythings good on the inside, it usually

    shows on the outside.

  32. Lisa

    The best beauty tip is to use a great exfoliator that is natural and non-abrasive such as one made from lime and sugar or a strawberry that is cut up.

  33. Kristi Blackstone

    I like you on Facebook now. My beauty tip is for hair! About one a week, I’ll shampoo my hair then condition it, I’ll leave the conditoner on for a few hours or through the night, then rinse it out. It really does a moisture treatment for me!

  34. Gayle C

    Best tip is to never think the most expensive beauty products are the best. Sometimes they contain ingredients that irritate some people’s skin. Sometimes, simple and low cost products work best. Use what works.

  35. Kat Rose

    Like on FB. Just make sure to get plenty of beauty rest. It will also work wonders for your stress, which everyone knows causes wrinkles ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Danielle

    Moisturizer is your friend. Apply in the morning and at night to clean skin and it can shave a few years off your appearance! make sure the morning moisturizer has sunscreen so you dont end up looking like a leather bag by age 30! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    fb fan: xferriza2 (Danielle B)

  37. Marilyn Wons

    My best beauty tip is to wash my face with a mild cleanser instead of soap. I rinse alternately with hot and cold water to wash off the cleanser.

  38. Samantha A

    I like you on FB – my best beauty tip… Go with what works for you and forget what everyone else is doing!

  39. Sharon Harmon

    Liked on Facebook

    My best beauty tip is: If you don’t have any lip balm handy, you

    can use a tiny dab of lotion on your lips!

  40. Denise B.

    I clean my face off three times a day with rubbing alcohol followed by a good anti-aging moisturizer. It keeps my face from breaking out and my skin looking young.

  41. andrea

    I liked you on facebook! My best beauty tip? I’d have to say…keep that face out of the sun (hat, sunblock, etc…)!

  42. Rachel G

    Like you on facebook. My best beauty tip is to get plenty of sleep and avoid the stress to help eliminate those dark circles under the eyes.

  43. kathy pease

    like you on facebook kathy l pease klp1965(AT)myfairpoint(DOTNET)

    make your own lipgloss

    2 Tbls solid shortening

    1 Tbls fruit-flavored powdered drink mix

    film container

    Mix shortening & drink mix together in a microwave safe bowl till smooth!

    Place in microwave on high for 30 seconds until mix becomes a liquid!

    Pour into clean film container, or any other small airtight container!

    Place mix into fridge for 20-30 minutes or till firm!

  44. Lyndsey R.

    Liked your blog on FB. My beauty tip would have to be to get plenty of beauty rest and never ever sweat the small stuff.


  45. Chrystal J.

    Like you on facebook (Chrystal Jones)

    My best beauty tip would be to wash your face and moisturize every night before going to bed. It keeps your skin looking young and healthy.

  46. Christine Herrera

    I don’t know if it’s the best…but I drink my 8 glasses of water today (absolutely no soda for me) and I take my Omega 3 fish oil vitamins everyday.

  47. Justine

    I now like you on facebook! justine pierson

    My best beauty tip would be to eat well and moisturize, it makes a huge difference!

  48. Derlene K

    Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to feel revitalized in the morning is the best beauty tip I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. dorothy l

    liked you on face book my beauty secret is to do not use to many products on your face so it is less likely to have a reaction

  50. Charlene Kuser

    I Like you on Facebook (Charlene Kuser)
    My favorite beauty tip is using coffee grinds to exfoliate. I save the grinds after my morning brew and use it on my heels and elbows.

  51. Veronica Garrett

    Don’t think you have to buy high priced cosmetics to get great results. Mix the high priced items with lower priced items for the ultimate make up look.


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