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Supermaggie: Independent Designer T-shirts, Dresses and Scarves


We’ve been huge fans of independent designer Supermaggie since her beginnings in Brooklyn, first falling in love with the one-of-a-kind scarves. Now, Supermaggie is moving to Austin (via Louisiana) and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see what comes next, especially since we are already wild about what’s new right now. Take the elephant tees and dress for starters. Our pachyderm obsession will never wane and if we don’t get our paws on one of the elephant prints, we just might go bananas (though peanuts may be more apropos). Available in a rainbow of colors, in styles from V-neck to  racerback, the question is which to choose? Elephino (insert harhar here).

Shop Supermaggie here.

p.s. Supermaggie is literally on the move as we type. Orders will ship after July 15th.

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One thought on “Wild About Indie Designer Supermaggie

  1. David

    I have one of the elephant tees and it is my favorite florally festooned animal shirt I own. It also gets me tons of complements whenever I wear it.


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