Whatcha’ Eatin’?

All too often I find myself asking What should I eat? Which normally leads to not eating for a while and then suddenly finding myself very sad and moody (man, we really are just products of our hormones) and then ordering take out — or crying on the couch. And, considering that in LA I live directly across the street from a grocery store and in Palm Springs we live less than a one-minute drive, there’s really no excuse. So, it’s really a matter of inspiration. I’d love to know: What are you eating?

For lunch? For dinner? (I feel like I have breakfast covered: I have two scrambled eggs on an English muffin or croissant every morning, along with a glass of OJ. How about you?)

Yesterday I walked into the supermarket and had no idea where to head. What did I want? It’s like I went brain-dead and couldn’t think of anything…and then on the other hand, the grocery store was SO huge there were almost too many choices. Do you ever find yourself in the same predicament? Luckily, a desperate text to my husband from the Halloween candy aisle was met with the response “chicken taco salad?” Which I’m happy to say became my dinner last night. This was lunch. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration and direction.

Maybe we’ll even make this a series if you’d like… We’re talking quick and easy things to make for lunch, dinner, snacks (preferably that don’t come from a box) so we don’t find ourselves having meltdowns in the middle of the grocery store.

So tell me: What are you eating? I’d love to know…

p.s. The Best Veggie Chili, Pizza BiancaJalapeno Poppers, Grapefruit MargaritasPeach & Burrata Bruchetta, Finnish Baked Strawberry Pancake, Spaghetti With Gruyere, Bacon & Egg, Super Bowl Sundaes and Mom’s Famous Chocolate Fudge Cake.

[Photo via Pinterest]

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59 thoughts on “Whatcha’ Eatin’?

  1. Kate

    I’m all for a salad for lunch, but they are a pain to make and aren’t good when they are pre-made / store bought. A Caprese salad is really easy to make though. Maybe that’s a good stand-in.

  2. Liz

    I liked your lunch. haha I usually eat a BLT sandwich, made with turkey bacon. I fry the whole package, so it’s fast and easy to make the sandwich without the mess of frying bacon every time.
    For supper… I’ve been eating your “veggie chili” for a week now…it is sooo good.

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