What Celebrity Couple Are You?

Recently, a friend told me that The Hubs and moiself remind her of Guiliana and Bill (in personality, not necessarily in looks, style, etc.). I’ve had a mayjuh girlcrush on Guiliana since her first days at E! (hope that doesn’t sound too creepy, but she was a refreshing dose of real and funny). Needless to say, I’ve been enjoying her reality show with her hubby, Guiliana & Bill (in case you aren’t TV obsessed like me, she’s the E! News anchor, he’s the first winner of The Apprentice). He’s the more level-headed, straitlaced, business guy; she’s hardworking, but a bit more playful, creative and fun-loving.

Do you and your significant other have a celebrity couple twin? Kelly and Mark? Diane and Josh? Rachel and Hayden? Sarah Jessica and Matthew? Keira and Rupert? Ellen and Portia? Angelina and Brad? Gwen and Gavin? Heidi and Seal? Will and Jada? I’d love to hear (and why)…

P.S. There’s a silly, fun What Iconic Couple Are You? quiz here so you can find out which storied Hollywood lovebirds you and your loveboat most resemble.

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6 thoughts on “What Celebrity Couple Are You?

  1. JessicaRed

    I can’t believe that Spidey made it on the list. At least Kelly and Mark beat them, as well as Simpson vs. Romo :-).

  2. liz

    Certain people say that my husband and I are “crazy”, so it should not come as a shock that the quiz said we are most like Lucy and Desi!!! haha
    Thanks for an entertaining kellygolightly and blog.

  3. Kelly Post author

    Lucy, er, I mean Liz – you and Desi sound like a blast.

    I’m happy to know everyone’s getting different quiz results…when I took the quiz, I got Guiliana and Bill — guess my friend was on to something!


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