Vote: Oscars Best Dressed

Oscars Best Dressed: Jessica Chastain

 Jessica Chastain

The Oscars themselves may have been the equivalent of Ambien (Ted appearance and Affleck moment aside — chills!), but luckily the red carpet was something to write home about. While it erred on the safer side, there was lots of glamour served, with equal parts Art Deco elegance and whisper-chic hues.

Here, the Top 10 Oscars Best Dressed. Vote on your favorite below!

Kelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Anne Hathaway

 Anne HathawayKelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer LawrenceKelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Amanda Seyfried

Amanda SeyfriedKelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Amy Adams

Amy AdamsKelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron 

Kelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Kelly Ripa

 Kelly Ripa 

Kelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Fan Bing

Fan BingOscars Best Dressed: Halle Berry

Halle BerryKelly Golightly Oscars Best Dressed Pick: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts 

San Francisco Sparkle
Happy Oscars Weekend!

5 thoughts on “Vote: Oscars Best Dressed

  1. Kate

    I am not sure I am a huge fan of Charlize Theron’s look (It’s a bit lesbian wedding), but it’s striking. The other looks are better, but much less memorable.

    Syfred, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Adams all look quite similar. Even though I hate to say so, I think Adams might look best.

    Fan Bing’s look is fun. The color is great.

    I thought it was nice and very Les Mis of Anne Hathaway to let a middle-school home-ec class sew her dress. Those seams aren’t bad, for 8th grader work.

  2. Will

    Great minds think alike. Jessica is a winner, but Naomi Watts could be a co-winner. Charlize Theron looks very smart and sophisticated. Her look is unusual but in a good way.

    Halle Berry looks nice, but I can stop thinking “the alien Queen from Mars”.

    Fan Bing looks like she came dressed to audition for the Munchkin scene in the remake of the new Wizard of Oz movie.

    Little Kelly Ripa looks so cute, but work must be slow. The poor thing had to use her bedspread to finish off the bottom half of her gown.

    But the top half gets an A+. Amy Adams’ gown makes me wonder…do they really have seats in the theater wide enough to accommodate that dress and did she have to stand all night?

    Anne Hathaway-well, her hem on the bottom of her gown likes like she stitched it herself, by-hand-it totally destroyed the look.

    Hey Jennifer Lawrence, was K-Mart having a blue-light special in the fabric department? Take some back, you bought more than your fair share.

    Amanda Seyfried-boring, ZZZzzzzzzzz

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