Vintage Love: Ma Petite Amy Vintage

The best way to add interest to your look when you feel like it’s becoming too predictable? Vintage.
Incorporating vintage accessories and frocks is what some of the most notable style icons these days do. But sometimes vintage is so ridiculously expensive, which takes all of the fun out of it. We prefer the days when buying vintage meant treasure-hunting and being proud to say you scored that cool one-of-a-kind bag for $2.
Which is why we’re loving Ma Petite Amy Vintage.
With most dresses ringing in under $40, it’s easy to do that thing Mary Kate, Ashley and Rachel Bilson do so well. Plus, we love the styling and are happy to take lots of inspiration from the photos.
Take a peek!
P.S. Remember, everything is one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you love, snatch it up fast before someone else with great taste does!
{via Fab Sugar}

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