To Stay or To Go…That Is the Question.


Darlings, I’m back and I missed you terribly. For those wondering where I went, here’s the scoop in a nutshell: A week ago last Tuesday, we found out the home we were renting was no longer safe to be living in and had to vamoosh ASAP – as in that same night!

Thanks to HomeAway, we found a place at the last minute, which saved us from living in a hotel room…or our car!  (I’ve mentioned my love of HomeAway before, when Fred Baby and I were globetrotting, and could not recommend it more.)



On Wednesday and Thursday, we packed up everything we owned and on Friday, the movers came to take it all away to storage. Whew. It was a whirlwind of quick decision-making to say the least.

After some freaking out (p.s. we discovered that freaking out for us translates to eerie calmness – I guess that’s why they call it shell-shocked!), and decompressing (re: stress eating, as seen here) and sleeping, we’re now left with the question: Now what?

Option A: Stay in a temporary rental as we hunt for a new place to live…



Option B: We just discovered airline miles that we didn’t know existed, and if we’re going to be “homeless,” we could be homeless anywhere… so why not make lemonade out of lemons and take a little trip? We definitley feel like we need a vacation, but the planning part sounds a smidge overwhelming at the moment.

What would you do? Now that I’m starting to regain a little bit of energy, I’m leaning towards… Option B!

The next question: Where to go? Where would you go and what would you do? I’d love to know!


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One thought on “To Stay or To Go…That Is the Question.

  1. Janet Phillips

    Oh my. That’s quite a story and a shake-up. I do envy the fact that you are free to go anywhere you’d like… How about Tuscanny or the Lake District in Italy? Have to have a good internet connection, good food, good wine and some history. (of course I just watched “under the Tuscan )Sun” again…). Take good care and be safe.


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