Tie One On: Dress for Dinner Napkins

The next time you have friends over for a Mad Men pizza and cocktail party (which should be every Sunday in our opinion), surprise them with these hysterical Dress for Dinner napkins.
Even if everyone’s in their trusty Sunday uniform (t-shirts and jeans), they’ll look as dapper as Mr. Draper himself once they put their ties…er, napkins on.
An excellent hostess gift or housewarming gift for your best bachelor friend who just moved into his new place, we think these would also be adorable at a little kid’s birthday party.
Where to dress for dinner?
At The Spoon Sisters!
p.s. The Spoons are giving kellygolightly readers $5 off on orders of $30 or more with coupon code buss through August 15, 2008!

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2 thoughts on “Tie One On: Dress for Dinner Napkins

  1. jules

    LOVE these – they are so funny. I also LOVE the spoonsisters.com web site. What a great assortment of cleaver gifts. Those sisters must have senses of humor!

  2. amber

    Its rare that I completely crack up at the 1st sight of my DailyBuss. These are AWESOME!!
    I know lots of people who need these! Thanks for the great find!


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