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Las Vegas embodies the American clichés the world hopes are true, and the USA prays are not. — Mark Ellwood 


Fred Baby and I kicked off the New Year with a roadtrip through the desert. He had business meetings in Las Vegas, and although we’ve both never been fans of the destination, we knew we’d enjoy the journey along the way.


Nothing beats a desert roadtrip in my book. Plus, I had resolved to try to look at Vegas as optimistically as possible (the lights! the shopping! the shows! the food!). But despite my best intentions, the cons, like a smoke-filled casino, clouded my ability to appreciate Vegas’ charms.

Lake Mead National Recreational Area | Kelly Golightly

However, The Other Vegas, well that’s a different story.

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The Lake Mead National Recreation Area, located about 40 miles southeast of The Strip, is a beautiful and blissfully empty desert dreamland of sherbet-hued rocks, stellar sunsets and landscape evocative of the Australian Outback.

kelly golightly | the other vegas

It was just what the doctor ordered to start the New Year with a clear head.

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What’s your take on Vegas?

The Other Las Vegas

I think it can be fun if you’re with a group of friends, but when solo or as a couple, not so much.

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Of course, maybe it’s like going to New York and only thinking Times Square is what the city is about.


If you have any Vegas tips, I’m all ears!


Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing my Vegas tips here soon!


For now, my outfit details are below…

fun vintage pants | kelly golightly Pants: vintage | Coat: Lulu | Shoes: Zara (old) | Glasses: c/o Triple Graces

 photos by Fred Baby

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  1. kellysteenlandt

    Love the photos and the location! We did a road trip back in May/June 2014 along the West Coast and stopped by Las Vegas as well. Just stayed there for one night, though. It was so hot and all I can remember is lights, casinos, food and shops. It was nice to experience for once, but I guess that was it. I did do a tour of the Neon Museum as recommended by a few fellow bloggers. I’d highly recommend this to anyone visiting Las Vegas. I had a superb time and the private tour was one of the best I ever experienced.


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