So You Think You Can Decorate

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So you think you can decorate? Prove it! On Monday, Thomas Lavin will be launching a fun Pinterest contest where you’ll get to show off your decorating prowess. Whoever designs the best board will win a fab prize!

Along with superstar designer Jeff Andrews (who designs for the Kardashians!) and the darling and talented Dee Murphy, I’ll be putting on my judging cap (meet the judges here).

And you better believe I’m excited to literally put on my judging cap, Kelly Wearstler-style. (Remember Kelly’s fab turbans and ensembles when she was a Top Design judge? Bravo, please bring that back…). Dee and I will even be showing you how to make a turban, in case you feel like putting on your judging cap too — or just feel like looking uber chic this summer as you drive your convertible up the PCH. I might just have to crimp my hair too…

More details to come on Monday, but get those design juices flowing. Until then…See ya later, decorators! (Okay, I might need a catch-phrase of my own. Any ideas?)

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3 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Decorate

  1. Annette

    How exciting! I’m so entering this contest – I have splendid decorating skills + I know how to pull off a turban. Maybe I can buy you a couple of Skinny Girl cocktails this Saturday to buy your vote…wink wink nudge nudge đŸ™‚

    1. Kelly Post author

      That literally made me LOL! But I am an ethical turban-wearing Skinnygirl whose votes cannot be bought (unless chocolate is involved…)


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