Small Is the New Big: Lolli by reincarnation Clutch

Small is the new big. At least when it comes to handbags.
Seriously, we girls will sacrifice a lot for the sake of fashion, but scoliosis shouldn’t be one of them.
Which is why we’ve fallen hard for these Lolli by reincarnation chain clutches.
Pick from a slew of lambskin hues, then opt for either a silver or gold chain. The fab part is that the chain is so thin, yet durable, and looks like it could be a necklace. Making it perfect for going out at night and being hands-free, or for running around the city and having plenty of hands free for shopping and your latte — or milkshake.
Just pop in your essentials: phone, credit card, lipgloss, keys and you’ll look vintage glam in a snap and, more importantly, be super comfy too.
Take a peek!

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